Virtual Santa Photo Solutions

The summer is over and that can only mean one thing…..Christmas is around the corner! For us at Shoot Systems, this means that Santa’s Grottos will be opening once more to give children a festive Christmas experience by meeting Santa and being able to capture this moment using our instant photo solutions. However, due to the global pandemic that has engulfed the world at this moment in time, how are these Grottos going to work? For the first time in our lives, we are going to be experiencing a socially distanced Christmas.


Due to this unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance, we at Shoot Systems have been working around the clock experimenting with different ways to provide Santa’s Grottos in the safest way possible, ensuring children and families can enjoy the Christmas and Santa experience without putting themselves at risk. Step forward our socially distanced Santa! This socially distanced photo solution provides people with the cherished memory of having met Santa in a beautiful grotto while never actually having any contact with a human being, eliminating the risk of catching the Corona virus and being completely complicit with current social distancing rules!


Simply scan your card at our fully automated photo system, take a seat in a beautifully festive grotto setup, and have your photo taken. At the same time that your photo is taken, a real Santa (when I say real, I mean a human not animated. We don’t have the resources to hire the real Santa Claus we’re afraid) appears in your photo. This photo with a virtual Santa can then be instantly printed and downloaded, providing families with a cherished Christmas memory. This process can be seen in our video below!