We go live!!

After a turbulent and disappointing year, people are finally starting to see the light at the end of the Corona Virus tunnel as vaccines have started rolling out. Another positive is that the lockdown measures have once again been lifted so as to enable people to visit shopping centres and do their Christmas shopping. A personal positive for us (and for the Christmas spirit) is that our Santa’s Grotto instant photo solutions (including but not limited to our virtual Santa and socially distanced Santa photo solutions) have gone live!

In various centres around the country our instant photo solutions are being used to provide families with a treasured memory of meeting Santa in fantastically decorated grottos with the added bonus of being able to supply an instant print out or download of the photo meaning there is no arduous wait. Although the pandemic seems to be drawing to a close, it is still very much present and measures have to be taken to ensure that these grottos are a safe place to be. With this in mind, we are delighted to be able to say that our Virtual Santa and Socially Distanced Santa photo solutions are being used to great effect!

So if you need a bit of Christmas joy to cap a fairly disappointing year, don’t hesitate to visit your local garden centre or shopping centre, and if you’re lucky enough to have a centre nearby with our instant photo solutions equipped, make sure to not miss out on the opportunity for a treasured picture of your family with Santa!