What is 3D Photography and Why Should I Be Using It?

Want to see things from a different angle? With 3D photography, you can. With up to 36 different cameras taking simultaneous shots from all directions, our 3D Bullet Time Photography system can give you a truly three dimensional image, allowing you to exploit the amazing possibilities of a super-realistic snap that can be viewed from all sides. Here, we answer all your questions: What is 3D photography? How does it work? And how can it benefit my business?

The photography system that puts a new slant on your subject

Regular 2D photography is great for many situations; but it can fall flat if you want something that really jumps out. That’s where our Bullet Time system can help. If you’re looking for an all-round three dimensional effect where your subject can be viewed from any angle, you’ve come to the right place.

Showreel of bullet time photography service: what is 3D photographyThe Bullet Time 3D photography system combines a simple and user-friendly piece of photography software with a multiple camera setup. The ShootNPrint software allows customers to pose for a photo and download or print it instantly, while 36 different cameras can snap your subject simultaneously from different angles. Posing for a 3D video takes mere seconds and customers can take a preview and try another shot until they’re satisfied with the image. They can also add special effects like graphics and branding if desired.

What is 3D photography used for?

This is an exciting medium that brings a new dimension to recorded images – and it can be used to great effect to help you do business. The best uses of 3D photography will exploit the unique sense of realism and space that the format allows. For example:

  • Special effects. When it comes to 3D photography, your imagination is the only limit. 3D videos can be created with a green screen backdrop, to put your subjects in all sorts of exciting and adventurous situations. They could fly like superheroes, swim with sharks or jump from planes. The possibilities are endless!
  • Pop-up promotions. There’s nothing better than a 3D photography booth to attract passers-by and get them to share some stunning branded content. One of our clients, Skoda, utilised our 3D photography system to create a branded campaign themed around their ‘Feeling of Space’ television adverts. Check out our case study to see how they did it.
  • Showcase your products. While internet shopping has become the norm, it still has its shortcomings; you can’t physically inspect the products you put into your virtual basket. In some cases, 3D photography allows you to create a virtual shopping experience. Customers can view clothes from all angles and understand how they will look from behind. With a better insight into your products, you’ll have happier customers and fewer returns.

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What is 3D photography, if not a passport to another dimension? If you’re ready to embrace the exciting new world of 3D photography, we at Shoot Systems are here to help. For more information on our Bullet Time 3D photography system, contact us on 01727 858 463.