What is branded content and how can it help my business?

What is branded content and how can it help my businessBranded content is a marketing tool that, when done well, can boost your audience, raise your authority and gain prospective customers for your business. It’s an indirect approach that aims to build up awareness of your brand among your target audience by using funny, shocking or interesting content rather than marketing your products more directly.

Want to know more? Read on for the answers to all your questions: What is branded content? How can I create it? And – most importantly, what can it do for my business?

What is it?

We’ll start with what branded content is not. (This is very important!)

  • It’s not an advert. It’s vital to understand this concept in order to create branded content that will work for you. Your audience are sophisticated people who want to be wowed. In this context, they’re not looking for traditional salesy content that screams, “Buy my product or use my service!”

So, just what is branded content? Good examples of the genre include stunning images and viral videos (green screen technology is a great way to set your content apart from your competition). The content needs to be free from the hard sell, and simply offer something of value to its readers or viewers. The trick is to do this in a way that is “on brand” for your business, so that your marketing message fits in neatly alongside it.

How to create branded content

Today, the most effective format for branded content is probably video. With platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Vine readily accessible by your audience, today’s technology makes it easy to create and publish branded content videos that can be shared online.

When creating a branded video:What is branded content and how can it help my business

  • Do try to get under the skin of your audience to understand their personas. What is it they really, really want?
  • Don’t be too upfront with the hard sell. A link, logo or call to action is enough.
  • Do: Publish and encourage sharing on social media channels to get the message out there.
  • Don’t: expect it to go viral all on its own! Tie in your social media output to the rest of your marketing strategy. Keep pushing your content by producing regular films. Check out our post on social media video sharing for more tips.

Find out how we have helped businesses create inspiring content in the past with our green screen, photo booth and action video services. Our QR code and microsite technology also means that your customers can gain direct access to branded photos and videos online, allowing for simple sharing on social media.

The benefits

“That’s all very well for the big brands with huge marketing budgets,” you might think. “But what is branded content going to do for me and my business?” Here are some of the benefits that you could reap:

  • Give your business a recognisably fun persona that will help build trust and familiarity.
  • Helps your target audience to select itself – those interested in your branded content are more likely to be interested in your products, too.
  • Reduce your marketing budget – while you’ll still have production costs, publishing on social media networks is free.
  • If your content is published on the web, your online presence is automatically boosted and your videos and images will get shared and shared again.

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