Which Shoot Systems product or service is right for you?

At Shoot Systems we provide interactive photography solutions to a variety of clients, and as you might expect, each customer’s needs are different.

As a unique customer with your own particular requirements, you might be wondering which of our photography and video services might suit you best. Could it be an action video system to capture the adrenaline-filled activities you offer? Or perhaps a green screen photography setup to provide your guests with the novelty they crave.

Whatever the gap you need to fill, the chances are we can help you. Use this quick guide to help point you in the right direction, or contact us for advice on interactive photography solutions that could benefit you.

Photo booths27235689374_85a2b5bc84_b

Everyone loves a photo booth. It’s a fun way for revellers to let their hair down and capture a memento of the great time they’re having at your event. Afterwards, they can easily upload it to social media and share it with their friends – so as well as showing off their night out, they’ll help to publicise your event to your target audience.

Great for: Nightclubs, pop-up events, weddings

Action video

Sometimes an experience is so exhilarating that you just have to share it with your friends. Trouble is, who has time to film a video when they’re busy climbing, skiing or getting their thrills on a rollercoaster? That’s where our action video solution comes in.

Great for: Trampoline parks, theme parks, adrenaline-filled activities

Walkabout photos

People don’t always want to visit a photo booth. Sometimes they need the camera to come to them! Our walkabout photography service is a fantastic way to ensure that you capture the magic of your special event – wherever the action is taking place.

Great for: Festivals, pop-up events

Green screensBMX jump captured using bullet time photography: what is 3d photography

With green screen technology, anything is possible. Create incredible videos encompassing exotic locations, or play around with proportions for an extraordinary souvenir that helps to boost audience engagement.

Great for: TV and film premieres, tourist attractions, sports grounds

 Bullet time photography

If you’re looking for the wow factor, bullet time 3D photography could be the answer. This unique photography system will certainly make people sit up and stare, featuring 360 degree camera angles to showcase your subject in all its glory.

Great for: Promotional events, branding opportunities

Santa’s grotto

Who can forget the magic of a childhood visit to Santa? Our Santa’s Grotto photography solution can capture the moment, creating a desirable and attractive souvenir that will be popular with parents.

Great for: Shopping centres, family attractions

Whatever you want to achieve using photography and video, we at Shoot Systems are always happy to discuss your needs in detail. We’re proud of our track record of happy customers, and will work with you to come up with a solution that’s as individual as you are. Contact us on 01727 858 463 or browse our range of photo marketing solutions to find out more about what we offer.