Benefiting from Photo Marketing: Why use a Green Screen?

Photo marketing is a fantastic way to communicate, in a way that words just can’t match. And to really create a buzz, green screen technology can help you create unforgettable images and videos, super-quick. So, why use a green screen? Here we discuss:

What does it allow you to do?

Green screen in action: why use a green screen? A green screen means that your photos and videos can depict people doing just about anything, anywhere. From breathtaking landscapes to bold and funny branding opportunities, the scope of green screen photography is limited only by your imagination. Here are some practical ways in which using a green screen could benefit you:

  • Special souvenirs: There’s nothing quite like a souvenir photo to help customers remember their day out with you. At all kinds of venues from tourist attractions to sports grounds, green screen photos provide an instant and personalised memento for your visitors.
  • Brand promotion: Green screens offer a versatile and original way for you to market your brand. Create branded images that are hard to forget and videos that make people look twice, to help your business stand out for all the right reasons.
  • Event publicity: You can use a green screen to promote an occasion using stunning imagery – exceptional publicity before, during and after the event.
  • Share and like: Did you know that Facebook posts with images get over twice as much engagement than those that don’t? And green screen images can provide the ‘wow factor’ that positively begs to be shared on every social media platform around.
  • Controlled environment: You can be guaranteed a professional and high quality image, no matter what happens on the day.
  • Low cost: Instead of hiring expensive props or jetting off to an exotic location, using a green screen lets you go wild on a budget.
  • Practical: Without those expensive props and decorations, a green screen shoot is also really easy to set up and tear down. Save time and get straight down to the job in hand.

Green screen photography shoots can happen anywhere. Think about producing souvenir prints in cinema receptions before film screenings or streaming instant uploads to big screens at musical and sporting events.

Why use Shoot Systems for your green screen photography?

News green screen: why use a green screen?Here at Shoot Systems we’ve been helping companies to market themselves using high resolution green screen photography and HD video for over 15 years. We’ve got all the latest equipment to facilitate:

  • process automation – to allow you to move people through the booth as quickly as possible
  • touch screen technology for high speed operation
  • high volumes and immediate printing, to guarantee instant results no matter how many images are taken
  • social media sharing – to ensure that your images get broadcast to the world

An image can make a big impact. It can be shared instantly and treasured forever. When you use a green screen to enhance your images, you’ll be sure to capture a wow factor that can’t be rivaled.

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