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Using photo marketing to promote

Event photo marketing is a tool for generating sharable online content.  Shoot Systems have created many different photo marketing solutions to help assist some of the biggest brands worldwide.   Fun Green Screen Photos are a brilliant way to share the magic of your event, whilst creating mass amounts of online sharable content for marketing. With the market becoming evidently digital, we believe the ability for instant download and share at an event via the simple scan of a QR is priceless.


10 May 2021

Green Screen Photography

Photo Marketing solutions can be used to for all sorts of events.  Regularly we are asked to supply Green Screen solutions for TV and Film Premiers.  What better way to celebrate a new film than to be superimposed straight into the action!  Not only do we offer Green Screen Photography, you can also play around with offering a fun Green Screen Video Booth to at your next event where customers and instantly download and share their fun Green Screen Videos with the scan of a QR.

Roaming Photography

Over the years, we have seen many different ways to offer roaming / walk about photography at an event.  Most solutions are long winded and involve the customer entering their personal details to obtain their images.  Using our Shoot N Share software, roaming event photography has never been easier!  Simply take a photo of a QR card, hand it to the customer and let them download and share the image in their own time without having to hand ever any personal data.  A Roaming photographer sharing instant branded photos at an event is always going to be a winner!


8 February 2023

Brand Activation

For event photography to be successful at a brand activation, the message needs to be clear with photos easy to access and download.   At Shoot Systems we understand that Brand activation photography is generally run by a brand ambassador that may not be technically advanced.   Our Event Photo Marketing Solutions have an easy-to-use interface, making it extremely easy for brand ambassadors to use. Our brand activation photo software can be used in many different forms, just pick the one that suits your event!


15 December 2022

Santa's Grotto

For many, Christmas is a very special time of year, and for some kids their first every visit to Santa.  Grotto Photography is an important part of the experience, so making sure the moment is captured and shared is top priority.  Our Santa’s Grotto Photography Software has been made by us to let our client concentrate on the experience without having to worry about the tech.   Good Grotto Photography Software is very hard to find, which is why we recommend using your Shoot N Sell in house Grotto software to run your Grotto Photo Solution.

Santa’s Grotto Systems


17 November 2022

Shoot and Share (Shoot ‘N’ Share) is our newsiest offering with regards to Roaming Event Photography.  “How many times have you had a photo taken at an event, but never seen the actual photo”.  We now offer a hassle free roaming software solution for photographers of all abilities to use.


10 February 2023