Interactive photography experts

Our innovative green screen event photography solutions bring a party, event or marketing campaign to life. With over 10 years’ experience, Shoot Systems offer cutting edge technology and simple, intuitive systems that are easy to use and deliver sensational results.

Whether you are looking for an easy to use Photosystem for your attraction, or a nightclub Selfie Pod we offer customisable and scalable photo and video solutions for any occasion or requirement.

Not only do our green screen systems deliver amazing photos and videos, the content we capture is extremely easy to access via QR codes or microsites and share on social media within seconds.

About Our Solutions

Photo Marketing  Bring your marketing campaign to life with our photo marketing solutions. Designed for high speed operation, we can help deliver unique branded content and an immersive experience for your customers to help your business create a new depth of brand association.


Green Screen Event Photography  Unleash your creativity with the power of green screen. Our in-house developed systems capture the moment and provide fast, secure access to content to delight your guests and make your event one to remember.


Green Screen Photo Booths  Increasingly popular at a huge variety of events and venues, photo booths provide a real sense of fun and interactivity. Our green screen solutions take this a step further and provide an unrivalled, customisable and integrated photo and video experience that delivers easy to share content.


Action Video  Our action video system is best way to demonstrate high energy, adrenaline pumping action. Scalable to meet any requirements, our automated HD system captures the excitement, brands the content and makes it readily available to download and share.


Walkabout Photos  Take photo marketing to the crowds and capture the unique spontaneous moments with our fully portable system. Easy to use and producing exceptional results, Walkabout photography is perfect for boosting brand awareness and directly engaging with your audience.

3D Bullet-Time  Deliver show stopping visuals and an engaging brand experience that will amaze your audience whilst delivering incredible branded content. Harness 36 HD cameras at once with this powerful, yet easy to use system and create inspiring, highly shareable videos.


Sports Marketing  Incorporate green screen and video technology to get your attendees in the thick of the action. Branded photographs taken at the event can be easily accessed and shared, creating a buzz around your event, and a souvenir your customers can treasure.


Santa’s Grottos  Our vast experience in providing Santa’s Grotto systems means we know exactly what it is required to deliver a streamlined guest attraction. Offer an amazing customer experience with ease with our intuitive user interface, high volume printing capability and simple photo sharing options.


TV & Film  We seamlessly combine green screen video and photos that provide a unique interactive experience. Every customer goes away with a printed picture, as well as a QR Code allowing them to share your branded picture, further increasing exposure.


Our Technology  All of our green screen event photography solutions are powered by our own in-house designed software. Placing ease of use at the heart of everything we do, we ensure it’s easy to make our sophisticated technology work for you. Find out more about our commitment to evolving our technology.