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The History of Green Screen

The green screen is used in many of our favourite movies, to conjure up monsters, magic, exciting scenes and exotic locations. However, the green screen techniques employed current are just the latest in a long line of technological advances that go back almost as far as the dawn of film itself. Read on to find out … Continue reading The History of Green Screen

Why is the selfie booth so popular?

Not so long ago, the rare pictures taken on a night out were usually snapped using a disposable camera – the kind that had to be handed in for the film to be developed. Today, of course, the smartphone is king, with instant selfies just another part of the nightlife ritual.

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Which Shoot Systems product or service is right for you?

At Shoot Systems we provide interactive photography solutions to a variety of clients, and as you might expect, each customer’s needs are different. As a unique customer with your own particular requirements, you might be wondering which of our photography and video services might suit you best.

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The Ultimate Event Checklist

Event planning is a definite skill. But although natural talent is always good, it’s nothing if not backed by solid organisation and (a lot of) hard work. The best event planners will use all the tools available to make efficient use of their time and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Top 5 Fun Props for Photo Booths

You’re never too old to dress up and have a laugh. Stick on a big wig, ham it up with a hat or show off with some novelty shades – you can add a bundle of fun to your next event with these fun props for photo booths.

Famous Films Using Green Screen

Have you ever wondered how the special effects in your favourite films are created? The chances are, they’re done with the help of a green screen. Here, we reveal the magic behind the movies and take a look at some famous films using green screen techniques.