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2020 Round-Up

  What a year 2020 has been. A year that nobody expected, halting businesses and causing tragedies across the globe. However, we will try to focus on the positives. At the beginning of the year, before the pandemic hit our European shores, we had the amazing opportunity to take our green screen photo solutions to … Continue reading 2020 Round-Up


We go live!!

After a turbulent and disappointing year, people are finally starting to see the light at the end of the Corona Virus tunnel as vaccines have started rolling out. Another positive is that the lockdown measures have once again been lifted so as to enable people to visit shopping centres and do their Christmas shopping. A … Continue reading We go live!!

Corona Virus part II – the return of lockdown

We are now one week into our second round of lockdown and, like most sequels, people are a lot more prepared and expectant of what’s come thanks to the experience gained from earlier in the year. Although it has come as a disappointment to many (the hospitality sector in particular), it is a necessary measure … Continue reading Corona Virus part II – the return of lockdown

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