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Snapping the perfect memory

Who doesn’t love snapping photos on a night out? With the invention of camera phones, photos are increasingly being taken to immortalize a fantastic night with your mates. However, maybe you are one of the people like me, who always forgets to take your phone out and grab selfies or group shots. Maybe you are … Continue reading Snapping the perfect memory


Light at the end of the tunnel!

Boris Johnson has come out and revealed our new timeline for the Covid restrictions, with normality potentially resuming as of the 21st of June. This is incredible news for businesses everywhere and also means that many events will be taking place with the public eagerly waiting to once again be in the sunshine enjoying themselves … Continue reading Light at the end of the tunnel!


New Year, New Ideas

One month into 2021 and despite all the expectations this New Year had for us, we find ourselves in the same situation as 2020. Although this is to be expected as it’s impossible to get back to normality after just one month. The bright side is that the vaccines are rolling out and things are … Continue reading New Year, New Ideas

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