Easy Event Photo Sharing

All of our solutions offer secure methods of obtaining and sharing photos and videos

We know that the most exciting part of our photo and video solutions at an event for guests is the moment that the videos and pictures are taken. Second to this, the most fun can be had in event photo sharing. It’s vital that our customers are able to have their guests accessing, downloading, and sharing on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as quickly as possible. To ensure that this is a streamlined and secure process, all of our solutions offer photo retrieval via QR code technology and dedicated microsites.

QR Code Technology

Using QR codes to allow customers and guests the ability to gain direct access to their photos either on-line or at sales stations is core to everything we do. They provide a secure and very efficient mechanism for people to locate their photos without having to use any publicly accessible web sites or local share screens.

When you are dealing with media that contains images of under 18’s it is vital to ensure that content is not accessible to anyone else either on-line or via share screens at events.  Many companies offer “sharing” screens at events that are based on browsing screens to locate their photos and then share them. These by their definition are inherently insecure because anyone can find and share a photo.

In addition to this, public share stations require guests to log in to their social media accounts. Event photo sharing shouldn’t be this consuming, and this method leaves guests vulnerable to data theft should the system remain logged into their account when someone else uses it.

Harrods event photo sharing card
Our QR code technology allows the guests to go directly to their photos and videos on their own secure personal account directly from their own device.  This has a number of major advantages:

  • A single card/wrist band can be used many times, ensuring all photos can be found in a single place (for example Photo Booth at an event where people use it many times)
  • QR code can be used at multiple stations at an event
  • Only users with their QR ID have access to the images
  • No queuing at share stations, everyone accesses photos from their own devices
  • Approved for use by brands such as The BBC and London 2012 where personal data security is a primary concern


Sharing images on social media has become a big part of everyday life. Within photo marketing, this is a fundamental component of any campaign. This is where you really start to see the difference in our service. Every user has a QR code, URL and ID for their media regardless of method of capture. All they need to do is scan the QR code or alternatively access the URL and enter their personal ID to enjoy easy event photo sharing.

AIG Rugby microsite for event photo sharing
This takes them directly to their personal web page with all of their photos and videos available in a single location for them to them to download, email or post to social media. We offer our customers the choice of using our complementary 2myphoto.com photo portal or have a fully branded microsite. This means whether you are hosting a party or utilising our systems as part of a branded marketing campaign, Shoot Systems can provide the ideal microsite interface for your needs.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Complementary upload to 2myphoto.com
  • Full branding and customisation service
  • Secure private access to media (no public access at any point in the chain)
  • No queuing for share stations, everyone shares from their device
  • Fully integrated to all of our media capture methods
  • Detailed live on-line stats for campaign ( including uploads, downloads and posts)
  • Live on-line viewing of images uploaded for client viewing
  • Live on-line bulk downloading of media for client
  • Auto posting and custom integration to social media sites

Whether you opt for Walkabout Photography, Green Screen Photo Booths or any of our innovative photo systems, you can be sure of easy and secure event photo sharing from Shoot Systems.