Do you need a customised photo system that
can produce instant, high volume printing at a Santa’s grottos?


For families with young children Christmas is a magical time of the year and is packed full of opportunities to make lasting memories. One of the most enduring and popular festive attractions is a visit to Santa’s Grotto. Due to the immense popularity of Santa’s Grottos in the lead up to Christmas, huge volumes of visitors are almost guaranteed and, unfortunately, this often results in generating quite a queue. At a time of year when time can be short for parents, queuing and delays can really detract from customer enjoyment.

Our Santa’s Grotto Photography systems have been tried and tested in some of the busiest shopping centre locations which handle hundreds of customers daily in multiple grottos and outputting over 1,000 prints in a single day.  They have to work all day, every day, without fail.

Easy to Use

We possess many years’ experience of working at some of the largest grottos in the country at Shoot Systems, and know exactly what it takes to ensure a grotto runs effectively and efficiently. Our photo system is simple to understand and doesn’t require vast amounts of training or any prior experience. When developing our own innovative system we placed ease of use at the centre of our efforts and produced a simple to use and intuitive system that can be operated stress free by grotto staff.

How it works inside Santa’s Grotto

  • Each grotto contains a camera with external flash, touch screen PC with QR code scanner
  • PC screen is in Grotto Photo Mode, with just Shoot, Preview button and the image visible
  • The camera can have LED Rainbow ring on lens to attract little ones attention
  • Customers sit with Santa and an Elf can enable Preview to confirm everyone is in photo
  • When Preview is enabled the LED ring automatically lights up
  • Elf presses Shoot button to take the photo
  • System asks for QR card to be scanned for every photo
  • Elf hands card to customer as they leave


Santa's grotto photography


Our easy to use software at the centre of our santa’s grotto photography solution helps to make sure that a grotto can accommodate large volumes of customers quickly and efficiently. Not only does this help to increase potential takings with a higher number of consumers, but it also helps to alleviate queuing and results in a much better customer experience.

How it works after photos are taken

  • Outside Grotto are touch screen sales PCs with a preview screen, QR scanner and printer
  • Staff scan the customer QR card which instantly locates photos and displays the previews
  • Customer chooses their photo and the operator adds print packages
  • As items are added to packages, photo positioning can be edited to ensure it is perfectly located
  • The Elf simply presses print and the system deals with sending to the correct printer
  • Point of Sale screen is presented for financial transaction
  • Till receipt printed and opens cash draw
  • Complimentary copy of any purchased images uploaded to download portal
  • Detailed stats on sales recorded and uploaded to web for remote viewing

Customers always love to take home a souvenir, especially ones of a treasured family memory. A photo print system that can handle high volumes of prints throughout the day is vital to grotto efficiency and leaves customers focused on their festive experience rather than how long it takes to complete it.

Customisable print packages

Shoot Systems can customise print packages to suit any requirement meaning that physical copies can be printed and retrieved quickly. Our integrated system can also provide detailed daily statistics allow you to keep track of the success of your grotto. Due to these high printing capabilities our systems were accountable for over 100,000 santa’s grotto photography prints last Christmas making us one of the leading grotto photography suppliers.

Sharing Santa Snaps is Easy

In today’s digital world, as soon a photo is taken it’s usually shared online within a matter of minutes and our Santa’s grotto solutions embrace this. Photos taken in our Grottos are instantly uploaded to our microsite. To access their photos customers simply visit the URL provided to them on a ticket and enter their unique ID number or scan their QR code. From here it’s really quick and easy to share their photos via e-mail or straight onto social media. This helps to cut out any unnecessary waiting around or difficulty in retrieving content and provides trackable metrics.

The secret to successful Santa’s grotto photography is being supported by an efficient and easy to use photo solution. Keeping customers flowing through and providing their physical or digital photos quickly plays a huge part in offering a fantastic customer experience. Our vast experience and technical innovation are central to our Santa’s Grotto solutions; for more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.