Sports Marketing

The sports industry is an ever growing market due to its revenue streams and global popularity. More than 3.572 billion viewers watched the 2018 World Cup Final, and 3.6 billion viewers for the 2016 Olympics. At Shoot Systems we have been recognised as one of the leaders of our industry and have provided our instant photo solutions for many of these mega sporting events from the 2012 Olympics to ski slopes and Champions league finals.

The sports brand experience is enhanced by incorporating our in house green screen and video technology (the very same technology we are currently using for our socially distanced Santa’s Grottos and virtual Santa campaigns). These solutions enable customers to be snapped while holding the Champions League trophy, shredding a snowy mountain on your skis, or even taking part in the 100 metre hurdles event at the Olympics! Customers then have instant, direct access to their branded photos from their own devices and are encouraged to raise awareness and create a buzz around the event, as well as giving customers a souvenir to treasure.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work at these incredible sporting events, providing our instant photo solutions for sports marketing, and, as well as providing countless photographic memories to customers, have come away with many great memories ourselves!